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Turkey-sized Raptors Found * Sleeping With Dinosaurs * Jurassic Pot Plants * Oldest Biological Molecules Found In Iguanodon * DINOSAURNEWS

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**  Oldest biological molecules found
The scientists extracted the molecules from the 125m-year-old rib of an
Iguanodon, a large herbivorous dinosaur, discovered in a Surrey quarry

**  Feature Site: Picketwire Canyonlands Dinosaur Track Site
The preserved footprints were made by several kinds of dinosaurs, but are
mainly representative of large, long-necked plant-eaters like Apatosaurus
and two-legged meat-eaters such as Allosaurus

**  Return to the Sahara
"Niger's Sahara Desert preserves some of the richest dinosaur-bearing rocks
in the world and our expedition team of students and professionals had been
planning the trip for more than a year"

**  Gamma-ray burst linked to mass extinction
Some 440 million years ago, a nearby gamma-ray burst may have extinguished
much of life on Earth, say US astronomers


**  Jurassic pot plants on sale soon
The Wollemi Pine, a plant from Jurassic times which survived in a single
isolated Australian grove, is set for an amazing comeback

**  Dinosaur-era fish fossils found in Thailand
Geologists working in the north-eastern province of Kalasin have discovered
more than 100 fossils of a new species of dinosaur-era fish, the first such
find in Thailand

**  Volunteers keep dinosaur vigils
Mr Paul, who slept at the museum for the third time last night, said he had
been "very, very concerned" about what to do if the alarms were activated,
on his first night

**  Outback hunt for turkey-sized raptors
A remote sheep station in outback Queensland, Australia, is providing
evidence of small, turkey-sized dinosaurs that lived 100 million years ago

**  Princeton Paleontologist Produces Evidence For New Theory On Dinosaur
Keller and a growing number of colleagues around the world are turning up
evidence that, rather than a single event, an intensive period of volcanic
eruptions as well as a series of asteroid impacts are likely to have
stressed the world ecosystem to the breaking point

**  Rare fossil offers clues to past
A new, rare fossil of a prehistoric sea creature with eyes like "twin
towers" sheds light on how it lived more than 395 million years ago, says a
University of Alberta researcher.

**  30th year from the discovery of Eudimorphodon.

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