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Re: Three New Neoceratopsians (Bagaceratopsidae Described)

I wrote this 3 days ago and somehow didn't send it. Here are my 2 cents...

>     Mongolian People's Republic.

Is it still called...?

> and, probably, the development of undulating
> ornamentation on the surface of the egg shell.

Is there any real ceratopsian egg shell known?

>   What is first obvious is that the taxon Bagaceratopidae is coined,
> notably without the "s."

Hear, hear. :-)

> Bagaceratopidae is diagnosed by:  "Nares small.


> Ventrally, they connected to maxillae.

What is missing here?

> All teeth single-rooted.

Screaming plesiomorphy, no?

> Hermiin Tsab (=Khermeen or Khermiin Tsav),

The b is strange. The one Mongolian map that I have always has v in that

>   The etymology of the name is clear, referring to the large rostral bone

It isn't clear (to me -- I haven't read the paper either). The -is comes
straight out of nowhere. I'd have expected, say, *Magnirostrale*.

> palpedral [...] palpedral [...] palpedral [...]; palpedrals

Palpebral. :-)

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