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Re: "Tsab"

> Indeed Tsav is the more common spelling but I understand it is pronounced
"tsab" and it has been spelled that way before e.g. Tsagantsabian.

The Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet was invented a mere 50 or 60 years ago.
Therefore it is very phonetic. If they'd pronounce it with b, they'd write
(I assume someone got trapped by the false friends... the Cyrillic v looks
like B, and is indeed derived from the Greek capital beta, because in Cyrill
& Method's time the Greek language had already made the sound shift from b
to v. The Cyrillic b looks similar, but was invented anew, and is very hard
to confuse with anything else... except 6 in some fonts.)

> Dendroolithus eggshells or nests are also known from Barungoyotian beds
and might be from Protoceratops or close relatives.

Why? Just because age and place are the same?