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Re: A couple of things (was RE: New refs... oh WOW!!! & Carcharodontosaurids)

> > While the Yixian Fm is Barremian, the Daohugou Fm does -- so far -- 
> > to be Middle Jurassic. That's the most important reason why
> > *Epidendrosaurus* (from the latter) and *Scansoriopteryx* (from
> > the former) are not considered synonymous.
> A word of caution, however: local Chinese dating has been off before.  As
> two-or-three Epochs off...

"And out of the chaos a voice spoke to me: 'Smile and be happy, it could get
worse'. And I smiled and was happy, and it got worse."

I've just been informed that Stephen Czerkas now thinks *Scansoriopteryx* is
Middle Jurassic, too, and probably comes from Ningcheng like
*Epidendrosaurus*. I really hope we won't have to end up writing "Type
locality: Tucson, AZ". Grmblgrmpf.