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Re: Triceratops maximus and stuff

Dear Andy and List,

    At the risk of sounding like a drunken scotch fisherman in from the
loch, I have personally seen the beastly, and this skull is real, and really
large. about ten years ago, the folks behind the Horned dinosaur Traveling
Exhibition were interested in obtaining a cast of it. I can't remember the
reason, but Ken Stadtman, The BYU Earth Science Dig site and Bone Lab chief,
said that the deal fell through.
    The original has been re-jacked because it is so fragile. The brow and
nose horns had long since wethered away before it was ever collected. The
frill is mostly intact.
    I am going to make a personal mission this week, measure and take a
picture of the poorly reconstructed cast. The zoobies (byu students) that
cast it, did a fairly bad job of reconstructing the missing skeletal
    I will return and report.

On a crusade Cliff

My real suspicion about this specimen is that it is one of
> those "fish stories," in which the specimen becomes bigger with every
> telling. Sorta like all of those T. rex specimens, which seem to shrink by
> an amazing amount once someone actually measures the things.
> Just my thoughts on this.
> Andy