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re: pterosaur eggs and ankles

David Unwin wrote:

with the single exception of David Peters, this fossil is universally accepted 
to be a 
pterosaur embryo in an egg. 

>>>>>>  I may be the only reader of Nature who actually tested the finding. 
>>>>>> Nevertheless, looking forward to more data to come, as you suggest it is.

cladistic analyses are underway (literally as I write) and preliminary results 
tend to support the 'pterosaurs 
are ornithodirans' hypothesis. I prefer to keep an open mind on this issue, but 
would accept that the data that has come out recently does seem to be drifting 
things toward the Ornithodira. 

>>>>> You're such a tease, David!  Just find me one archosaur with an elongated 
>>>>> pedal 5.1, a prepubis, a solid, fused ventral pelvis, manual digit IV 
>>>>> longer than III, and a naris displaced away from the rostral tip (no 
>>>>> spinosaurs, please) and I'll be on board (or at least have grave 
>>>>> misgivings about the protorosaurs).

Best, always,

David Peters