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question about Carroll 1988, scap/cora

Page 270 of Carroll 1988, Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution,
includes a confusing caption below a drawing of a Chasmatosarus (basal
Archosauromorph) shoulder girdle, apparently with fused scap/coracoid
and only a thin seam line betraying the boundary between the two.

"Figure 13-12. (a) Pectoral girdle of Chasmatosaurus (Proterosuchus) in
lateral view. In general it resembles the shoulder girdle of eosuchians
[fused scap/cora?]. The cleithrum is lost, but the clavicle and
interclavicle remain large. The scapula and coracoid are not coosified
in adults."

Question: Does this mean the apparently coosified scap/cora in figure
13-12a is immature? And if so, does this taxon lose coosification with
increased age and weight bearing?

Perhaps this is a mistake on Carroll's part. I don't know.

Can someone please clarify this?

David Peters