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Palaeontology Volume 47

Hi, all,

As a member of the Palaeontological Society (UK), I have been sent all
four issues of the society's journal, _Palaeontology_, for the last
year, being volume 47 issues 1-4.

Unfortunately, from my sauropod-o-centric perspective, it might just
as well be called The Journal Of Small Boring Invertebrates :-)  They
look very nice on my shelf, but realistically I can't imagine that I
will ever read them, so if anyone else out there wants them, they're
yours for the price of postage.

The set weighs a tad over 3kg, so we're looking at something like £7
to post within the UK; or, to send to the USA, something closer to £28
air-mail or about half that surface-mail.  Or you can just pick them
up yourself if you live in, or are visiting, London.

Let me know off-list if you'd like them.

 _/|_    _______________________________________________________________
/o ) \/  Mike Taylor  <mike@indexdata.com>  http://www.miketaylor.org.uk
)_v__/\  "[Z39.50] really is terribly droll, is it not?  You would
         think that it all existed solely for our amusement" --
         Sebastian Hammer.

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