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SVP 2004

In case anyone missed it, there is no symposium day (all symposia on one day) 
on Wednesday this year. Instead, the symposia are scattered throughout the 
meeting. See the second circular. The Romer Prize Session is on Wednesday. 
These changes may affect some of you who typically arrive Wednesday evening to 
be on hand when talks begin Thursday morning. The change was NOT made by the 
Program Committee (so I have been informed), so don't shoot them.

In addition, the host committee and others tried very hard to improve the 
quantity and quality of snack foods. There was a time when pastry was available 
at the start of the morning sessions, and cookies during the breaks. Those days 
are long gone. So don't count on much to nibble on this year and most probably 
all future meetings. We are still trying to have real food available at the 
reception but at this moment there is no certainty for that either. Further 
updates (mostly for poor starving students) as they become available. 

If you are unhappy about any of these points, please let your self be heard at 
the business meeting on Thursday evening: 5-6 PM

Chair, SVP Host Committee

Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D.
Curator of Lower Vertebrate Paleontology &
Chief Preparator
Dept. of Earth Sciences
Denver Museum of Natural History 
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80205

Phone: (303)370-6392
Fax: (303)331-6492
email: KCarpenter@DMNS.org

Fro fun: http://dino.lm.com/artists/display.php?name=Kcarpenter