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RE: SVP 2004

> From: owner-vrtpaleo@usc.edu [mailto:owner-vrtpaleo@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> Ken Carpenter
> In case anyone missed it, there is no symposium day (all symposia
> on one day) on Wednesday this year. Instead, the symposia are
> scattered throughout the meeting. See the second circular. The
> Romer Prize Session is on Wednesday. These changes may affect
> some of you who typically arrive Wednesday evening to be on hand
> when talks begin Thursday morning. The change was NOT made by the
> Program Committee (so I have been informed), so don't shoot them.

And, just as a reminder: if you are travelling on Tuesday Nov. 2 and are a
U.S. citizen, make sure that you vote before you travel or that you vote by
absentee ballot (in which case, you probably should start the paperwork NOW
to get the ballot in time...).

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