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RE: SVP 2004

For any of you who missed this on the VRTPaleo list (Don sent it here,
but it bounced since he's not a subscriber to the DML):

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Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 07:41:01 -0700
From: Donald Prothero <prothero@oxy.edu>
Subject: RE: SVP 2004
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From:   Ken Carpenter [mailto:KCarpenter@dmns.org]
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Subject:        SVP 2004

> In case anyone missed it, there is no symposium day (all symposia on
> one day) on Wednesday this year.

> Ken
> Chair, SVP Host Committee

To the VP community:

That's right, the Executive Committee, following the recommendation of
the Program Committee, made the decision last year at SVP and
announced it at the Business Meeting.  It had become apparent that the
3-day meeting format (plus symposium day) had become WAY too crowded
for over 600 presentations each year, and that there was no sign that
the meeting would stop growing in size. Indeed, there are even more
presentations on the program for 2004, as predicted, so that the
Abstracts volume of JVP (at the printer right now) is 20 pages longer
than last year's record-sized volume. In addition, both committees
felt that the Wednesday "symposium day" had effectively become the 4th
day, because most of the attendees were already present.  Thus, our
choices were to: 1) reject up to 50% of the abstracts to keep it down
to 3 days (nobody wants that) or 2) bow to reality and recognize that
the SVP had grown tremendously in all these years, despite our efforts
to keep a 3-day meeting format for almost four decades.  More
importantly, the size of the program just keeps escalating (see my
reports in recent SVP News Bulletins) with no sign of slowing down. If
we want most of the SVP to be heard, we had to admit that we needed a
4-day meeting format. Even so, this upcoming meeting is so large that
we're forced to run triple sessions for the entire meeting, so if we
keep growing at this rate, we'll have to make another hard decision


Don Prothero
Former SVP Program Chair (1998-2003)
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