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Fossil Eggs Saved From Being Auctioned

Good guys win one.

Published online: 28 July 2004

An outcry among palaeontologists  and a little help from US federal agents
has saved some dinosaur embryo fossils from disappearing into the living
room of a wealthy patron. But questions remain as to how the half-dozen
specimens, thought to have been smuggled out of Argentina, will be
repatriated for study.

The fossils, which were set to be auctioned on 24 June at Guernsey's in
New York City, include some valuable specimens, such as a dinosaur egg in
which the skull of a sauropod embryo can be seen. "It is a tremendous
specimen, extremely rare," says Luis Chiappe, an Argentinian
palaeontologist who is a curator at the Natural History Museum of Los
Angeles County. Such detailed fossils could be used to study the early
development of dinosaurs.