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_Archaeopteryx_ hits the airwaves

NPR did a segment on the _Archaeopteryx_ Nature paper:

"Dino Had the Right Stuff
New Study Settles 140-Year-Old Dispute Over Fossil"
Morning Edition audio

Also, the Dallas Morning News had more information on why the scans were done 
at the University of Texas at Austin (one of many weblinks, but the original 
Dallas Morning News link requires a subscription):

"Bird ancestor had capacity for flight"
The Dallas Morning News

"The curator responsible for the archaeopteryx fossil, Dr. Angela Milner of the 
Natural History Museum in London, had been trying for 20 years to find a lab 
that could scan the bones."

"Rowe offered his lab's services in exchange for the chance to publish the 
pictures free on his popular Web site. Milner agreed to the deal, provided she 
first had the chance to analyze the data and publish the results in a scholarly