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Re: Anomolus Pterosaur element identification help.

Christopher Collinson (Chris_Collinson@monarch.net) wrote:

  This is part of Anhanguera specimen AMNH 22555. I really haven't a clue
of what it is but I'm leaning toward a sternum, but the part on the bottom
makes me unsure. I was hoping someone on the list might have an idea. I
need to know for a reconstruction I'm doing. Thanks.>

  This is a portion of the suspensorium, including jugal and
quadratojugal; the quadrate, and the rear of the lower jaw, whose elements
are largely fused; the slots or holes in the lower jaw are likely vascular
foramina corresponding to the surangular foramina in other reptiles, but
are not typically noted in pterosaurs.


Jaime A. Headden

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