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Re: Typical and less typical types

Tim Williams wrote-

> If this material is demonstrated to be
> diagnostic, and conspecific with _E. baldwini_, then the name
> _Eucoelophysis_ would be sunk in favor of _Longosaurus_ Welles, 1984,
> has _C. longicollis_ as its type species.

A bit of nit-picking here-
Longosaurus longicollis Welles, 1984 is not an objective synonym of
Coelophysis longicollis (Cope, 1887) Cope, 1889.  The lectotype of
Coelophysis longicollis is a cervical vertebra (AMNH 2701), while the
holotype of Longosaurus longicollis is an ilium (AMNH 2705).

Mickey Mortimer
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University of Washington
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