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Re: Press Embargoes: was RE: "T. rex had explosive growth spurt as a teen, study says"

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> > Does this preclude mention in the press? It does quote Greg Erickson...
> > (you too in fact!)
> It doesn't preclude talking to the press about it; the embargo is ON THE
> The deal between scientific publications and the press is, basically, as
> follow:
> *Reporters are given access to preprint versions of forthcoming papers, so
> that they can read it and get comments by the researchers and by others.
> *This way, they can prepare stories for release when the embargo is off.
> *The technical journals benefit in getting widespread reports of their new
> articles.
> *The press benefits by being able to have important timely articles.
> *Researchers benefit because they can show their name in the paper to
> friends, family, bosses... :-)
> Of course, the deal really only works if everyone promises to obey the
> rules.  Someone slipped in this case, and posted information ahead of time.
> In the immortal words of Homer (Simpson): D'oh!!
> >
> > The USAToday link has been pulled, as has one from the San Francisco
> > Chronicle, but these are still up
> But they shouldn't be, at least for another hour... :-S

Well, now New Scientist has it. Cat's out of the bag. Genie out of the
bottle. Rutabaga out of the cornfield...