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Re: More about Erickson et al. 2004 and RE: Delayed "growth spurt" in T. rex

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 17:01:37 -0400 "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr."
<tholtz@geol.umd.edu> writes:

> Mere speculation here, but if there were some selective factor 
> favoring some
> attribute of the animal when it was a relatively small-bodied animal 
> (e.g.,
> Currie's hypothesis of different jobs for different ages within a 
> tyrant
> population) that might favor delay of the onset of growth.

Or maybe they were attricial at birth and were still dependent on mom as
older babies?  Are there any modern animals, who are *precocial* at
birth, that show a similar growth curve?

> I am given to understand that the growth curve of elephants (except 
> for
> their long adult lives) is similar to the T. rex curve,

Elephant offspring have a close association with mom up to about 10
years. (However, the comparison might not be a good one, since this close
relationship continues, albeit diminished, throughout their life, and it
appears to be based on an advanced emotional (mammalian) bond, which was
probably lacking in _T. rex_).


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