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DMNS 2004 PaleoArt Symposium and Art Show//Submission time!

Hello everyone,

Something for you paleo-artists out there. Mark Klingler has asked me to
pass this announcement along to the list. I think it's been posted before
here , but they are now taking submissions on the website:

Should be a great time with a some really  truly amazing speakers kicking it
off. Like our own Mark "Sabercat" Hallet!! Hopefully this will be a terrific
start to some really special symposiums and talks at SVP finally aimed for
the artists and paleo-art fans.

Rock on paleo-artists!
Todd Marshall


Dear Member of the Art Community:

If Paleontology and Art are among your interests, we invite you to enter or
attend the 2004 PaleoArt Symposium and Art Show to be held October
29-November 28th at Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, Colorado.

This series of lectures and juried exhibition will feature some 50
paintings, sculptures and scientific illustrations dealing with all aspects
of prehistoric life. The show highlights some of the best artists and
paleoart being created in the world today.

This is an international call for entries, and you are welcome to pass this
information on to other interested members of the art community.  Even if
you do not submit an entry for the show, please consider attending the
lecture series, as we are very pleased to present this distinguished group
of speakers.

SYMPOSIUM: An Evening with Three Artists and A Scientist
Tuesday, November 2, 6:30-9:30 pm

In coordination with the PaleoArt show, Denver Museum of Nature & Science is
presenting an evening with four outstanding speakers from the PaleoArt
community. The audience will be treated to the amazing work of sculptor
Brian Cooley, illustrator Mark Hallet, sculptor & iIllustrator John Gurche,
and paleontologist Dr. Kirk Johnson in the DMNS IMAX theater starting at
6:30 pm.  After each speaker delivers a presentation on his work, the
evening will end with a question-and-answer panel discussion from 9:00-9:30

Space is limited so order your tickets now as it is bound to sell out.
Tickets are $18 for members of the Museum and $23 for non-members. To order
tickets, call the Denver Museum of Nature & Science ticket reservation
office at 1-303-322-7009.

2004 PaleoArt Symposium Calendar
The show runs concurrent with the annual meetings of the Society of
Vertebrate Paleontology (November 2-6, 2004) and the Geological Society of
America (November 7-10, 2004) in Denver, Colorado.

September 10    Deadline for entries
September 10-17 Jury consideration of images
September 17            Notification emailed to artists
October 15              Deadline for receipt of artwork at Museum
October 29              Public opening of exhibition
November 2              Panel discussion
November 28             Exhibition closes
January 4               Return shipment of artwork (approx.)

For up-to-date information and entry guidelines please visit the event
website at http://www.denverpaleo.com. If you have any questions regarding
the show or submission of entries, please contact the show coordinators.
Thank you for your interest in PaleoArt, and we look forward to a very
successful opportunity for all participants.


Show Coordinators Mark Klingler (klinglerm@CarnegieMNH.org) and Gary Staab