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Tyrannosaurid Growth Spurts

Okay, this may be a stupid question, but is the reason for growth spurts in
these and other animals as simple as:
- Faster growth requires greater amounts of food.
- Greater size means greater ability to obtain food.

So that young tyrannosaurids were only able to obtain so much food and build up
their size slowly, until they reached a certain threshhold, at which point they
were able to go after larger prey, or fend off younger tyrannosaurids from
carcasses, or something, thus procuring much more food, thus growing much
bigger, thus procuring much MORE food, etc.

Well, I guess we wouldn't see much consistency across all individuals if it
were that simple. Although it would make some sense if the growth spurt
happened right at the point the tyrannosaurid became larger than some other
competing predator. Only problem is, there are no good candidates.

Oh well, just thinking out loud....

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