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Re: Tyrannosaurid Growth Spurts

Just a thought concerning the theory dealing with the smaller chasing the prey 
into the waiting mouths of the larger...

Ever think that we could have this scenario completely backwards???

It does not need to be the faster moving young (assuming of course that that 
they were faster to begin with) chasing after the prey with big dadda/mamma 
adult bursting out of the bushes... Ever been chased by one single bee? Pretty 
easy to out run. But that's the thing... You can still in fact run. But what 
about a beehive? Panic quickly ensues and everything goes straight to hell.

What if The Big King was the one running after the herds of hadrosaurs and 
ceratopsians, with the panicked animals being chased towards the smaller 
members of the flock that were the ones hidden in the bushes? This way, it is 
not so hard to herd the prey into a trap. When the numerous young come dashing 
out from behind their duck blinds, they could run to the left and to the right 
with greater ease than the larger adults. This way, it is easier for the 
predators to inflict a great amount of damage very fast, even to multiple prey 

It's the classic story of someone being followed by some stranger into an 
alley-way, only to find out once they get there, that 20 guys with baseball 
bats are waiting.

Of course, in order to truly consider the viability of this   
up-side-down-cake, you'd have to resist the current popular collective thought 
that it's proven that adult tyrants could only manage a 10 mph walk, or that 
hadrosaurs and the like could only manage to move as fast as 5 mph. But, I