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Re: *Rachitrema*

Justin S Tweet wrote-

> I've been looking at the Handbook for Paleoherpetology, Number 8
> (Ichythopterygia, McGowan and Motani, 2003), and the authors mention on
> page 140 that they consider *Rachitrema* to be "probably dinosaurian."
> Does anyone here know, off-hand, what the type material for this taxon
> is?  I'd never heard of the thing until I ran across it here.-Justin

>From Olshevsky's list...

Rachitrema Sauvage, 1882
= Rhacheotrema Boulenger, 1884 [sic]
= Rhachitrema von Huene, 1902 [sic]
R. pellati Sauvage, 1883
= Rhachitrema pellati von Huene, 1902 [sic]
NOTE: Originally classified as dinosaurian, this genus was synonymized with
the ichthyosaur Shastasaurus by von Huene (1902). It was later listed as a
possible synonym of the ichthyosaur Merriamia by von Huene (1951). It is
unlisted in Carroll, 1988.

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