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Magpie mayhem

I mentioned that magpies attack people here in Canberra.

Then Ronald Orenstein wrote:

No, they don't! Australian magpies (Gymnorhina tibicen) are completely different birds from the magpies of the Northern Hemisphere, which are members of the Crow family.

Well, whatever they are, they most assuredly DO attack people. In pairs too. I've seen this happen to a dog, people, and I've been the victim of it myself on several occasions.

A little girl had her eye taken out by a magpie here in Canberra a couple of years ago. My brother was gouged on the top of his head with blood drawn. I've personally been pinned to the ground by two of them acting in tandem, rescued by a friend who fortuitously arrived wielding a big stick. There was a magpie in our street many years ago that was so aggressive it got so people couldn't even leave their houses. A cop marksman was called in to shoot it.

So believe me - Aussie magpies attack people (and other mammals). Singularly and in tandem. I'm sure other Aussies on the list can back me up on this.

How can Aussie magpies not be related to crows, let alone other maggies?? We have crows here too. Are they not the same as N.H. crows?

-Peter Markmann