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Re:Tyrannosaurid Growth Spurts

From: john.bass@ntlworld.com

> There was a recent programme on National Geographic that showed a pride
of lions attacking an adult elephant, which
> may be analogous to a flock of therapods attacking a sauropod.

These were the Savuti lions, I assume.  They are atypical even for lions,
and I'm surprised to read that they are hunting adults, as even they don't
generally hunt adult elephants, though I could see them perhaps taking a
sick or injured animal.  They usually go for calves, in the evening.  They
do take adult water buffalo, though, which is remarkable.

> However, lions are atypical of big cats, and one
> could wrongly assume that because lions show social behaviour, all big
cats do.

Or that social behavior suggests cooperative hunting.

> Amongst archosaurs, studies have shown co-operative hunting by crocs,

If I recall correctly, it's cooperative feeding rather than cooperative
hunting per se.  And apparently the examples are scarce, happening only
under certain circumstances, as opposed to the more common feeding frenzies
by crocodilians, in which there is a lot of fighting over food, leading on
occasion to injury.


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