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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Script Review

On Tuesday, August 17, 2004, at 12:05  PM, Tim Williams wrote:

David Marjanovic wrote:

> All I can say is can we PLEASE get some
> raptors hopping out of trees?!

Problem is... how are they supposed to get up there first, overgrown as they
are? Chatterjee's proposed method could work, but I'm not sure.
Ah yes, I forgot. They oversized the raptors for the purpose of 'Spielberg-izing' them for dramatic effect. But then again, jaguars, leopards, some tigers & cats can get up there, so I can't really see any reason why a dromaeosaur of comparable weight couldn't. The only limitation is the size of the tree.
WAIR?  (=Wing-Assisted Incline Running)

I think we can all agree that _Microraptor_ was capable of some form of aerial locomotion. I think we can also also agree that _Microraptor_ was incapable of a running take-off. So then, it needed an elevated site for its aerial launches. Why not trees?
Now if they strapped a jetpack on the back of one of them babies . . .