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Re: Dromaeosaur climbing & propulsive abilities (was Re: Jurassic Park 4 Script Review)

Sure, they could get up in trees, just like goats can, but they aren't built to habitually utilize arboreal perches in their prey aquisition.

Hold on, goats can climb trees?! Mountain edges & cliffs are one thing, but trees?
Yeah, they do - don't have a ref for it yet though...would love to get a ref for it.

I'm not clear what you mean here. When you say "leaping after prey" do you mean leaping off the ground in pursuit of terrestrial prey? If so, why is this better than just simply running after the prey (i.e., the "old-fashioned" way)?

Has anyone done any comparisons between dromaeosaur hindlimbs & kangaroos, the qunitessential 'hoppers' of our day? Besides launching from trees or a running start, hopping/leaping is the next logical precursor to wanting to increase hangtime. Which brings me back to my first point on spring-loaded toe claws. Given that they're pretty round in cross section and less made for slicing, it may be a possibility that may have used them to sort of anchor, then using the spring loaded action(lol, G.I. Joe) used them to slingshot themselves forward. Only they couldn't do this on rocks. They could off a branch though. . .
Fair bit of work has been done on kangaroo locomotion - eg my supervisors work on tree kangaroos

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