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"Dynamosaurus" armor revealed


I've received my copy of Ken Carpenter's paper on the osteology of
Ankylosaurus (2004. CJES 41:961-986).  A lot of good stuff in there.   Glad
to know that we finally have an osteology of this dinosaur available:
someday maybe we'll get one for the postcrania of Triceratops,
Edmontosaurus, and Anatotitan, and so on...

A nice theropodan-related issue in the article is that the plates associated
with the type of "Dynamosaurus imperiosus" (aka Tyrannosaurus rex) are now
illustrated (Fig. 20), and identified as those of Ankylosaurus magniventris
(no huge surprise there, but it's nice to finally have that dealt with).

Ken Carpenter has a very nice acknowledgement of Charlotte Holton of the
AMNH at the end: an individual who has helped out tremendous numbers of
vertebrate paleontologists over the years.

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