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Re:Re: Jurassic Park 4 Script Review

Ken Carpenter wrote:

I don't think there's any doubt that dromie claws were specialized for grasping and
slashing prey.

Actually, there is a lot of doubt about that by dinosaur paleontologist. It is a topic discussed in a new BBC dinosaur program currently under development. Although we do not have the keratinous sheath, the overall morphology indicates a lack of "razor-sharp" edge.

I had the hand-claws in mind when I wrote that the claws were designed for grasping prey - probably in a two-armed, encircling fashion where dromies are concerned.

The report of cassowaries disemboweling the prey (cited by Ostrom) is not due to a slashing of the claw, but the ripping effect of the bird's mass behind the claw. Little Velociraptor had little mass for a cassowary-style slashing.

The alternative explanation (I think this was in Carpenter's Gaia paper) was that the "sickle-claw" was used to slash across the throat of the prey, rather than to disembowel the prey (as proposed by Ostrom). The former strike requires a lot less 'heft' on the part of the predator.


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