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Re: "Dynamosaurus" armor revealed

I suppose the armor in the T rex stomach could amount to roughage (LOL). 
Seriously, if you think about it, you will know the answer yourself. As for the 
strat position, Brown wrote an article on the Hell Creek and plotted the level. 

>>> Tim Donovan <uwrk2@yahoo.com> 08/19/04 04:02 AM >>>

--- "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <tholtz@geol.umd.edu>

> I've received my copy of Ken Carpenter's paper on
> the osteology of
> Ankylosaurus (2004. CJES 41:961-986).  A lot of good
> stuff in there.  

 Including stratigraphic data. How did he determine
that AMNH 5895 was 61-67m below the K-T boundary in
the Hell Creek? Coombs was unable to find precise
stratigraphic data in AMNH archives for any of the A.
magniventris specimens. I once suggested onlist that
someone relocate the AMNH 5895 quarry to find out.

> A nice theropodan-related issue in the article is
> that the plates associated
> with the type of "Dynamosaurus imperiosus" (aka
> Tyrannosaurus rex) are now
> illustrated (Fig. 20), and identified as those of
> Ankylosaurus magniventris

  Could they be stomach contents?

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