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Ankylosaurus - why the delay?

Several people in asking for a copy of the Ankylosaurus paper wanted to know 
why it was neglected for so long.
Actually it was just one of those unfortunate things. Walter Coombs was 
planning a detailed description (basically what I just did) during the early 
and mid 1990s. For that reason, I left Ankylosaurus alone. In the late 1990s 
Walter threw in the towel because he felt that he could no longer put the 
personal time it was taking to work on dinosaurs (he could not do research at 
the college he was teaching - it was considered a waste of faculty time). He 
managed to wrap up a few smaller projects nearing completion, then quit paleo. 
I tried several times to encourage his return, even offering to work with him 
on the Ankylosaurus project. He encouraged my doing Ankylosaurus (and 
apparently told Paul Penkalski to do Ankylosaurus as well, so Paul tells me). 
With several major projects going at the time (Armored Dinos, Mesozoic 
Vertebrate Life, editor of J. Vert Paleo., blah, blah), I was not able to work 
on Ankylosaurus until October 2001. Writing, peer review and rewriting has 
taken the
 time since for the paper to finally appear.


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