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Re:Re: Jurassic Park 4 Script Review

Seriously, Jurassic park HAD the potential to be a truly great movie, and it 
turned out only ok.

We have seen the "quality" of the plot and story degrade since then.  Now, we 
are left with 3 options regarding the Franchise:

1. End it.  JP was a good movie, the others were popcorn flicks but dumb, so 
kill it off.

2. Continue it from where it ended.

3. Continue the franchise, but start over, from scratch(like toho does with 
godzilla).  We could do a more book-like Jurassic park, focusing on the story, 
with more of the action scenes in thebook.

#3 is not going to happen, not for at LEAST another generation grows weary of 
the "outdated" effects in the original.

#1.  Maybe, but really, it CAN generate money... so I think it's less likely.

#2.  Further suck more and more out of the idea.  make money.  sounds likely.  
When you think about it, how ELSE can we get an audience to believe that 
dinosaurs and man exist in modern times???  Once you got a good concept, you 
can run with it.  The story is so far removed from the awesomeness of the 
original book, who cares what's done with the idea now?  

I want dinosaur movies where people get eaten.  This is about the best way to 
do that.  If they want to mutate the dinosaurs, let them.  It's progressed 
BEYOND the point where I would be insulted(GIANT raptors, toothed pternaodons, 
frilled dilophosaurs)--at least if they MUTATE them to get them to do what they 
want(as opposed to "give" known dinos the abilities), they really can't insult 
the palentological community!