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Re: "Dynamosaurus" armor revealed

Tim Donovan wrote:

I once suggested onlist that
someone relocate the AMNH 5895 quarry to find out.

That seems like unnecessary work: It's very difficult to relocate an entire quarry. Let's leave it where it is for now.


"Dynamosaurus imperiosus" (aka Tyrannosaurus rex) are now illustrated (Fig. 20), and identified as those of Ankylosaurus magniventris

Could they be stomach contents?

I wondered that too (and I remembered an old Far Side cartoon describing ankylosaurs as roughage). I might be wrong, but I think the dermal plates were associated with the ribs of _Dynamosaurus_. However, the _Dynamosaurus_ specimen is very incomplete and disarticulated, and was found jumbled in the matrix with ceratopsian and hadrosaur material as well.


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