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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Script Review

On Wednesday, August 18, 2004, at 05:17  PM, David Marjanovic wrote:

Still, claws specialized for penetration might have been useful in

Claws specialized for cutting, though, probably pose a problem. If used in
trunk-climbing, they get worn; if used in climbing branches, there's a risk
of cutting the branch on which the beastie is standing!

Depending on how far the claw is extended. Ideally, the best way for this to work would be a short, concentrated extension with a quick snap-back. We solve the problem very effectively whenever we shoot a basketball. If we didn't release the ball at a certain time, it'd go under our intended trajectory. But of course, our wrist snaps back, remedying the problem. As for actually penetrating the branches, that'd depend on the circumference(or is that diameter) of the branch AND the bark's thickness, as well as the actual tip of the claw including it's keratinous sheath. As for cutting the branch on which it stands, that branch would have to be too thin or brittle to support the 'raptor' is standing.
I wonder, when extant birds of prey(falcons, owls, eagles, etc.) launch themselves from a branch, do they use their wings for assisted thrust right from the get-go? Or is the initial push solely "pedal power"?