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All pages finished!

Hello Again!

 I am finally proud to announce that all the pages of
the classifoclado are now finished!
 Ornithischia was particularly troubling do to lots of
different variations. But, please, check it out! If
there are any missing taxa, errors, etc., please let
me know.
 Also, I can't find the defintion for Hadrosauroidea.
What is it???

          Steven Mahon

SCREEN NAMES -- theGERMANdragon, dinoboy219, stevensaurusrex
E-MAIL ADDRESS -- floridamahon@yahoo.com
PERSONAL E-MAIL ADDRESS -- coelurosaur912@yahoo.com

My latest Sauropodomorph analysis, w/ only cranial characters from two of 
Yates' 2003 analyses (T. caducus & Antetonitrus), gives me:
|--Herrerasaurus                        "Brontosauria"
`--+--Avepoda                            |--Plateosaurus
   `--Sauropodomorpha                    |--Coloradisaurus
      |--Saturnalia                      `--+--Lufengosaurus
      `--+--T. antiquus                     `--+--Massospondylus
         `--+--T. caducus                      `--+--Yunnanosaurus
            `--+--Efraasia                        `--Eusauropoda

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