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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Script Review

Amtoine Grant wrote:

> Speaking of BBC, who knows when I can catch Sea Monsters? And this
> program you're talking about?

Unfortunately the BBC has not released "Sea Monsters" for sale.  Given the time 
since the show was broadcast it seems unlikely that
they will.  Possibly the audience figures were not as high as WWD, and this may 
be due to the new style of having a time travelling
presenter, but this did not stop "Walking with Cavemen", but this was released 
for sale at the same time as it was broadcast.

The WWD specials "Land of the Giants" and "The Giant Claw" were only offered 
for sale as a set with the original WWD and Big Al,
which meant I had to buy the others again, but I gave the original to my son to 
take to his mothers.  I think the specials were sold
seperately in the US.

Sea Monsters has been shown on non-BBC cable channels so they might pop up 
there, probably Discovery as they were co-producers.

The program Ken is referring to is probably one of the Horizon series of 
documentaries.  There have been several since WWD, "Extreme
Dinosaurs", "Mystery of the Jurassic" and "T.rex Warrior or Wimp".  These 
re-used clips from WWD and were also Discovery

As a general observation I dont understand why limited sales items such as 
these should be region coded.  Most of the Hall Train
stuff is only available on Region 1 NSTC.