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Sea Monsters (was Re: Jurassic Park 4 Script Review)

From: "John Hunt" <john.bass@ntlworld.com>
> Unfortunately the BBC has not released "Sea Monsters" for sale.
--SNIP -->
> The WWD specials "Land of the Giants" and "The Giant Claw" were only
offered for sale as a set with the original WWD and Big Al...

Actually, you can buy "Chased By Dinosaurs" on DVD, which includes the
"Chased By Sea Monsters" shows, "Land of the Giants," "The Giant Claw," plus
the documentary, "Science of the Giants," with Phil Currie.  In addition to
the usual US outlets, Amazon UK has it.  It's Marvenmania!

"Dino Guy" Ralph W. Miller III
Docent at the California Academy of Sciences
proud member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology