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RE: "New" Mamenchisaurus youngi publlication


Below is In Chinese with English summary. To answer the question of
article's langauge.

Marc Bauer

The First Mamenchisaurian Skeleton with Complete Skull  
  Mamenchisaurus Youngi
 In Chinese with English summary 
 By Ouyang Hui and Ye Yong
 Published in 2002
 Page: 110pp+20 plates
 Price US$25+$6 by sea mail

Since British paleontologist Richard Owen first described Cetiosaurus
in 1841, a loarge a mount of sauropod materials have been excavated on
all continents except the Antarctic. At least 100 genera and 170
species of the sauropods have been identified to date, of which, about
one-sixth are distributed in China.


1. Introduction
2. Descriptions
3. Skeletal reconstruction
4. Classification and comparisons
5. Explanation of abbreviations used in text figures and plates
6. References
7. Abstract (in English)
8. Explanation of Plates
9. Plates I-XIII

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> >Subject: "New" Mamenchisaurus youngi publlication
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> >
> >I just learned of a paper that hasn't been reported to this list, a
> >monograph describing the nearly complete remains of Mamenchisaurus
> youngi
> >(see http://dml.cmnh.org/2000Sep/msg00183.html).
> >
> >Ouyang and Ye, 2002. The First Mamenchisaurian Skeleton with
> Complete 
> >Skull:
> >Mamenchisaurus youngi. Sichuan Science and Technology Press,
> Chengdu, 111
> >pp.
> >
> >I don't have it, and don't know how to get it, but it sounds like a
> good
> >reference on Mamenchisaurus.
> Here's a site that sells it for $31:
> Is the whole book in English, or just the abstract?
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