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Re: Ankylosaurus specimens

  I understand a tail club fragment (UW 26294)was
found about 300m below the K-T boundary in the Ferris
formation. About 7 other Ankylosaurus specimens were
found in the Ferris, 2 near the boundary. Do you mean
AMNH 5895 was found high in the Hell Creek because it
occurred 61-67m above the base? 

--- Ken Carpenter <KCarpenter@dmns.org> wrote:

> Brown measured from the base. Don't know about a
> Ferris club. Never saw it.
> Ken
> Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D.
> >>> Tim Donovan <uwrk2@yahoo.com> 20/Aug/04 >>>
> The paper states that the Ankylosaurus excavated by
> Brown in 1908 (AMNH 5895)was from high in the Hell
> Creek formation. Is 61-67m below the K-T boundary
> high
> in the Hell Creek? Also, isn't an Ankylosaurus tail
> club known from the Ferris?

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