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Re: raptor island

I particularly enjoyed the scenes with a supposedly crack Seal team firing
automatic weapons at a pack of mutant 8-foot "raptors", utterly and blindly
missing every one. Even more amusing was the five-minute discussion over
shooting JUST ONE of the dinos, so the rest would finish him off, when the
team was no more than ten yards away.

All in all, good for a laugh.

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Subject: raptor island

> Because of the interest on the list tonight, I took the time to tune
> into the SciFi channel.
> The SciFi movie "Raptor Island" was perhaps the worst movie I have ever
> watched.    Don't bother.  There wasn't a saurapod on the island for
> the "raptors to eat.  Apparently they evolved by some mutation event
> caused by some plutonium crashed on the island 40 years earlier.  They
> were eating only each other for food.  The law of diminishing returns
> and efficiency of digestion would have taken care of that population
> PDQ.  All top end predators with nothing other than each other to eat
> had no food web below them.  The Seal Teams .30 cal bullets barely had
> an effect (unlikely) and the team never used a hand signal.  The whole
> premise was a waste and the CGI was awful. This took me back to the
> days of dinosaurs and cavemen in the same picture.
> The rest of it was worse.
> Frank Bliss
> MS Biostratigraphy
> Weston, Wyoming