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Re: breaking up hard rocks

Is this Triplehorn fellow interested in Triceratops by any chance?


On Monday, August 23, 2004, at 02:03 AM, Patty Ralrick wrote:

Triplehorn, D.M. 2002. An Easy Way to Remove Fossils from Sandstones: DMSO Disaggregation. J. Paleont. 76(2):394-395.

Basically, Triplehorn says that warm DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) works extremely well on many types of sandstones as well as limestones - even as quickly as overnight. The fossils he worked with (teeth and bones) were phosphatic, but carbonate shells came through the disaggregation process well. He states that the product is available at feed and pet stores or on the internet. The only negative he mentions is that it is easily absorbed through the skin and large quantities may be fatal, so use caution if you decide to try it.

Good luck!