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rules for family citations

Dear all,

I know this came up in a thread last year, but I can't find it in the archives - apologies for the repetition.

My question concerns the nomenclatural rules for citing a family when the original use of the name was in a context other than the classical family level - i..e. when the name was originally coined as a subfamily, superfamily, tribe etc. Specifically;

The citation for the plesiosaur Family Rhomaleosauridae is usually given in recent literature as Kuhn 1961. However, as Ben Creisler points out in his plesiosaur pronunciation guide <http://www.dinosauria.com/dml/names/ples.html> the name Rhomaleosaurinae was coined by Nopsca in 1928. Ben lists the citation as "Rhomaleosauridae Kuhn 1961 (ex Rhomaleosaurinae Nopsca 1928) ", but given what I remember from the discussion on the list last year about this sort of thing, should the citation be instead;
" Rhomaleosauridae Nopsca 1928", or even;
"Rhomaleosauridae Nopsca 1928 (sensu Kuhn 1961).

Also, I presume the Nopsca reference was
NOPSCA, BARON F. 1928. The genera of reptiles. Palæobiol., 1:163-188

Thanks for any help on this.


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