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Re: rules for family citations

Colin McHenry (cmchenry@westserv.net.au) wrote:

<My question concerns the nomenclatural rules for citing a family when the
original use of the name was in a context other than the classical family
level - i..e. when the name was originally coined as a subfamily,
superfamily, tribe etc.>

  Rules for family-level taxa are covered in the current, 4th edition of
the Code by Article 29 (Formation and treatment of family-group names);
all of Chapter 8 (Family-group nominal taxa and their names), including
Articles 35-41; Article 55 for homonymy in family-group names; Chapter 14,
including Articles 62-65, regarding types in the family-group. According
to these, specifically Article 36, the Principle of Coordination:

  "A name established for a taxon at any rank in the family group is
   to have been simultaneously established for nominal taxa at all other
   ranks in the family group [JAH: superfamily, family, subfamily, tribe,
   subtribe, and unrecognized "informal ranks" between these, including
   them in the same group, or included BY them in the same group]; all
   these taxa have the saem type genus, and their names are formed from
   stem of the name of the type genus [Art. 29.3] with appropriate change
   of suffix [Art. 34.1]. The name has the same authorship and date at
   every rank."

The citation for the plesiosaur Family Rhomaleosauridae is usually given
in recent literature as Kuhn 1961.  However, as Ben Creisler points out in
his plesiosaur pronunciation guide
<http://www.dinosauria.com/dml/names/ples.html> the name Rhomaleosaurinae
was coined by Nopsca in 1928.  Ben lists the citation as "Rhomaleosauridae
Kuhn 1961 (ex Rhomaleosaurinae Nopsca 1928) ", but given what I remember
from the discussion on the list last year about this sort of thing, should
the citation be instead; " Rhomaleosauridae Nopsca 1928", or even;
"Rhomaleosauridae Nopsca 1928 (sensu Kuhn 1961).>

  The articles state that the family-group name must be explicitly named
[Art. 11.7.1], not implied by formation of a genus into a larger clade or
ranked taxon. Thus, if the first family-group name was formed by Nopsca,
then he becomes the author of note, not Kühn. If corrections are made to
the name, the same applies: first author coining, not correcting author,
is cited [Art.].


Jaime A. Headden

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