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Rhomaleosauridae Nopcsa, 1928

>   The articles state that the family-group name must be explicitly named
> [Art. 11.7.1], not implied by formation of a genus into a larger clade or
> ranked taxon. Thus, if the first family-group name was formed by Nopsca,
> then he becomes the author of note, not Kühn. If corrections are made to
> the name, the same applies: first author coining, not correcting author,
> is cited [Art.].

Just nitpicking:
- Nopcsa with cs, pronounced ch. Hungarian.
- I'm pretty sure that Kuhn is correct (even though the word kühn, meaning
bold, exists, while I can't think of anything similar to "kuhn").
Kuhn-Schnyder (another name) is correct in any case.