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Re: Dino Killer Sized Stone Struck - 1,000,000 Years Ago

What extinctions occurred 780,000 years ago?
Considering the magnitude of the event, shouldn't
there have been a perceptible die off, and then some?
--- mjmurphy <4mjmu@rogers.com> wrote:

> According to BBC (but also reported elsewhere), an
> asteroid "the size of the
> one blamed for killing off the dinosaurs 65 million
> years ago" hit Antartic
> 780,000 years ago.  Didn't do nearly as much damage
> as Earth was suffering
> through an ice-age at the time, and "even tidal
> waves would have been
> weakened by the stabilising effect of icebergs on
> the ocean".
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> M.J.Murphy
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