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Re: Dino Killer Sized Stone Struck - 1,000,000 Years Ago

> What extinctions occurred 780,000 years ago?

Nothing dramatic that I know of... but I don't know much about the middle
Pleistocene. I do think we should look for a smaller mass extinction in the
southern hemisphere, though.

> Considering the magnitude of the event, shouldn't
> there have been a perceptible die off, and then some?

Assuming it really was that big, that depends on the impact site. It's not
close to the equator; that makes it difficult for the ejecta to get
distributed globally. Seemingly there were neither carbonates nor sulfates
in the target rock, meaning even less of an impact winter and much less acid
rain. A tsunami has not to be expected, because the impact site was not in
the sea (...I think).