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Futalongkosaurus dukei

Hi dear list members
I found this on some argentinean web pages. fon'y know if someone know abou this.
they're in spanish.

Dinosaur.Sauropod, titanosaurid of 35 or 40 meters in length and approximately 15 meters tall. it was found at The Barreales Paleontological Center in the province of Neuquén . 3 very complete specimens have been rescued (one great and two small ones). In spite of having a size similar to the Argentinosaurus they are not closely related between if. Probably Futalongkosaurus as all the saurópodos had some behavior of the gregarious type that allowed them to have a greater security before the predators that shared their atmosphere like Megaraptor. These titanosaurids lived about 87 million ago years in which it was an atmosphere in which small lagoons and lakes abounded that contained great variety of fauna and flora.

sorry for my english
Any help on a spanish-english translation just let me know

best regards David Carrizosa www.yterbio.com