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New Paper: Design of "Fins" in Stegosaurus

Tangentially dino-relevant, as they discuss applications of their research
to the evolution of stegosaur plates.

Florin Bobaru and Srinivas Rachakonda. In Press, Corrected Proof, Available
online 20 August 2004. Optimal shape profiles for cooling fins of high and
low conductivity. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.

ABSTRACT: We present a numerical approach able to capture the dependence of
the optimal shape profiles of thermal fins on the conductivity parameters.
We consider the two-dimensional cross-section of a periodic array of fins
and involve the third dimension via the thermal boundary layer. The highly
conductive fins converge to "sharp-pointed", narrow base shapes while the
low conductivity ones prefer blunted, wide base fins. The optimal shapes we
obtain are similar to the shapes of intestinal villi and stegosaurus plates.
A meshfree method, coupled with a gradient-based optimization algorithm, is
used to handle the significant shape changes from a simple, generic initial
guess to the final, optimal shape. We reach the optimal shapes without