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Re: Coprolite anyone?

The area where this was found is very desolate and not populated. My friend
said he found the object on the surface, near an agate mine. the whole hill
there is agate in matrix of ash and caliche. The next hill south starts the
pumice mining area where Dutch cleanser got much of its abrasive.

I have not seen the 'fossil' in person. I am viewing it as the photo and to
me some of the objects that are sticking out look like they could be
crunched or broken bone fragments.

My buddy, who is a miner out there, said some of the protruding objects
looked like 'chicken' bones to him and others like sticks. He also remarked
that they were very sharp and the mass of the putative coprolite was hard.

Good Dinosaur Hunting,

Dave Friend
Prehistorics Illustrated

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> Hi, Dave!
> I was looking at the picture of the putative coprolite and I was wondering
> are the pointing objects bone fragments ? what kind of groundmass does the
> "coprolite" present ( i.e. calcitic, sideritic, siliceous, phosphatic)?
> Best,
> Virginia Friedman
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