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Re: The pterosaur in the egg: a new report

Just for the record, I agree fully with all Dave Marjanovic said.

David Marjanovic wrote:

I don't know Greek, but the usual prefix used for "egg" is oo-... Is
*Oodectes* preoccupied? ~:-|

Yep, it is a caniform.

Oodectes (Wortman, 1901)
   O. herpestoides (Wortman, 1901)
   O. proximus (Matthew, 1909)

Phil Bigelow wrote:

Nomen nudum:  A taxonomic name held to be invalid, because the taxonomic
group designated is not described or illustrated sufficiently for
recognition.  The name has not yet been published with a proper
scientific description.

Further, to be considered valid, the name must be published in a form
that is widely and easily available to the masses.  I don't know if
_Prehistoric Times_ fulfills that criterium.

I think it all depends on wether Dave Peters _intended_ this article to be a description./

Prehistoric Times/ is available to the masses (definately moreso than most scientific journals) and apparently some have found it being sold in magazine stands, so that is out of the question.

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