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Re: The pterosaur in the egg: a new report

From a discussion with Dave Peters:
"formal description? no. more of a refutation of the embryo business."

Here we are again. Dave Peters did not intend the article to be a formal description, yet as Jaime points out, he seems to have fulfilled the ICZN requirements, so... nomen nudum or nomen validum? That is the question.

Christopher Taylor wrote:

This name has so much wrong with it, it makes one cringe. The
impropriety of naming a specimen not seen, and probably being studied by
others as we speak; the inappropriateness of the publication forum; even the
coining of the name is hidden in a figure caption rather than being clearly
separated in the text. But I'm afraid that all these factors, while they may
violate a number of the recommendations of the ICZN, and certainly its
intention, probably *don't* violate any actual rules. So welcome, Avgodectes
pseudembryon Peters 2004, welcome to the fold. Please just sit yourself down
in the corner, and we'd appreciate if you didn't cause any trouble.

Hehe, I like that last sentence. Well, I think that time will be the ultimate judge in Peters's theories. Fifteen years from now we'll see where we are. Dave Peters's 2004 publications will probably be forgotten, the name /Avgodectes preudembryon/ (I agree with you, that name is so inaccurate, it makes me cringe also) will probably be only an oddity of zoological nomenclature associated with the very first egg of a pterosaur to be found. An egg of a pterosaur close to Haopterus perhaps with a well preserved embryo. The embryo of an excellent, warm-blooded flier, a creature covered in a dense coat of hair, with a short, unvaned tail and without a dorsal frill. That is my prediction of the future.
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