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From: "Christopher Taylor" <ck.taylor@auckland.ac.nz>
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 6:24 AM
Subject: Re: The pterosaur in the egg: a new report (joke)

>     2) The suggestion has apparently been mooted in ICZN (and in
> discussions as to the possibility of a central registry of names, that any
> new names would have to be entered into. While this may sound like a
> idea, it's not so in practice. Any registry would require funding to
> maintain it, more than (for instance) the ICZN could supply on its current
> shoestring budget. Again, there would also be something of a bias against
> researchers in poorer countries or institutions, who might not be able to
> keep themselves abreast of such things (imagine if the Zoological Record
> to be made the official depository - last I heard, a subscription to the
> complete Record cost a few thousand a year). Not to mention private
> researchers doing taxonomy in their spare time, of which paleontology in
> particular has much to be grateful.

The PhyloCode will nevertheless introduce registry. It does not have the
above problems, because only names that are either newly coined or converted
from a preexisting code to the PhyloCode, obviating the need to search the
existing literature for years to find every published name; and it simply
won't exist on paper, but as a free-access website (on which everyone will
be able to register names as soon as the paper will be accepted for
publication!). These two features will minimise the amount of funding


Judging from the presentation at the meeting in July, it's really going to
work. :-)